"The best way to predict the future is to create it" - Peter F Drucker

Our business is Organizational Development (OD) strategy and implementation - that's our niche - plain and simple. We've been successfully aligning customized OD solutions for our clients for over a decade.

We specialize in five key areas:


Our value proposition is our difference:
  • Most OD solutions are created for business by non-business people. We are entrepreneurs and business people first. We are also OD experts.
  • Our extensive background in business development means that we intuitively understand your business needs and will deliver the best, sustainable OD solution to meet your needs. In short: Better business understanding means better outcomes.

  • We establish what the business really needs: In order for OD solutions to work they need to be properly defined and aligned with business requirements - as business people we do this intuitively, thoroughly and well.
  • We customize and map solutions to needs: Your business needs will rarely be met by 'cookie cutter' or template solutions. Sustainable OD solutions need to come from the business - not be 'applied' to the business.
  • We avoid disconnects: Disconnects are actions or beliefs that set OD initiatives up for failure before they start. A typical OD disconnect: 'What worked well for another organization will also work for us' simply doesn't hold up. Even if it fits in 'theory', your culture, people and operational drivers will be fundamentally different to most other organizations.
  • We communicate effectively: Our mantra is: "keep it simple, seek understanding and be understood". Effective communication is the cornerstone of our success.
  • We act situationally: Each business situation and need is unique. We recognise that our approach to solving them needs to be unique as well.
  • We don't lose sight of the goal: Unfortunately many OD initiatives that seek to simplify end up creating more complexity, resistance or confusion. Our strength is keeping initiatives on-track, goal focused, and solution relevant.

What's in it for you?

Simple: We offer you the best possible OD solutions for your organization based on a solid understanding of your business goals, objectives and desired outcomes - increasing adoption, reducing resistance, saving time, effort and cost.

Who we are

At the partner level, Mike Hackett and Terri Duguay together bring over 40 years of international business experience, entrepreneurial and organizational development expertise.

Terri duguay
  • 20 years of Human Capital experience
  • 15 years of entrepreneurial experience
  • Certified Organizational Change Management Practitioner
  • Certified Teaching Adults Practitioner
  • SDI, Kolbe, Building Resiliency Certified
Terri holds a Master's degree from York University, is CHRP certified.

Mike Hackett
  • 24 years of Human Capital experience
  • 24 years of entrepreneurial and business development experience
  • Skilled Program Manager
  • SDI, Kolbe, Business Acumen Certified
  • Skilled facilitator
Mike holds a BA Honours in Economics from Manchester University, UK.

Our Talent

Our team of talented consultants possess a depth of experience in all aspects of OD.

Our consultants have experience and expertise in the following:
  • Leadership development programs
  • Program design, development and delivery
  • Talent Management strategy and implementation
  • Organizational Design
  • Change Management strategy, learning and implementation
We have served most major industry segments including:
  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Professional Services
  • Government
  • Health care